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PIC Independents

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The Professional Independent Communicators (PIC) is a sub-group of IABC/Toronto, dedicated to the support of independent communications practitioners. PIC meets on a monthly basis to provide professional development, networking and business development opportunities that address the particular needs and interests of IABC independents.

PIC Events

Join PIC to enjoy the benefits

Any IABC/Toronto member who is an independent is eligible to join PIC—free of charge.

  • PIC Members
    A listing of independent communications practitioners in the world’s largest IABC chapter
  • About PIC
    Learn about the Professional Independent Communicators

Meet the IABC/Toronto PIC Executive Committee

Hiring an Independent?

Independent communicators welcome the opportunity to provide services to IABC’s corporate members.

If you’d like to hear from independents about working on your next project, please send us a description of what you’re looking for and we’ll distribute the information to our members.

Or you can go through the listings, link to web sites and contact the people who provide the services you need.

For more information

Connect with Professional Independent Communicators online
Twitter – @pictoronto | LinkedIn Group  |
Email: toronto-pic@iabc.com

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